Long Live the Thrashers

At long last, the final remnants of the crappiest Atlanta Thrashers holdovers has been sent down to the minors. The era of Ondrej Pavelec, for now, is over. Enter Connor Hellebuyck and Michael Hutchinson to assume the goal-tending duties. I cannot stress how monumental this roster move is. It reflects a possible shift in team philosophy; that assembling a winning roster does not mean loyalty to veterans is guaranteed. It’s time for the kids to run the show.

Other Re-Assignments

Peluso, Strait, Dano, Petan, Copp, and Melchiori were also sent down to the Moose. I’m pleased with most of that lot being returned to the minors, save for Dano and Petan. Both are top-6 forwards at the NHL level and warrant additional ice-time, but they’ll easily get top-9 deployments with the Moose. Copp still has a lot of potential as a skilled bottom-6 center. More ice-time in the Moose’s top-6 and power-play units should continue to hone his skill-set.

I must admit that I didn’t expect Strait to be waived. Cheveldayoff reportedly sought Brian’s services for 3 years. That’s pretty depressing when you consider just how bad Brian Strait is, but getting waived to the Moose instantly improves the Jets’ roster. This, combined with all of the other waiver moves, makes me optimistic for Winnipeg’s upcoming season.

My Idealized Line-Up Scenario

Jake, if you’re reading this, please re-sign. We need you in our lives, and in this line-up.

Anywho, I have an idealized Jets roster in my head based on the current selection of available players. Here it is:












Today’s developments are, for once, exciting. I have a lot more optimism about the Jets’ season now that some key roster moves have been made. A Trouba deal would solidify the potential for a wild card appearance. At the very least, Winnipeg looks like it’ll be a genuine contender without being weighed down by some of the worst Thrashers players.


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