The Air Traffic Controller

My name is Harrison Lee, and I’m the “captain” of this blog. I’ve been a Winnipeg Jets fan for some time, even before this iteration of the team came to fruition. The Atlanta Thrashers were my favorite hockey team, though they failed to make much of an impact. The Thrashers were fun, exciting, and absolutely terrible, all in equal measure. The Jets are worlds apart from their Atlanta roots, but I still see the lingering threads in players like Tobias Enstrom and Dustin Byfuglien. Rest assured, Winnipeg’s future is much brighter than that of the late Thrashers.


As for myself, I’m a recent college graduate. My educational background is in political science and counter-terrorism, but I have an avid interest in sports analytics and marketing. I’ve volunteered for a few hockey teams and interned for IndyCar’s Grand Prix of Baltimore. This blog is my space for engaging with Jets fans around the world. Hopefully, I can share some great insights with you and spark some discussion. Strap in, because we’re going to Mach Winnipeg!